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May 22, 2009 Articles & Editorials 0

People often say to us, “People tell me I need a blog. What’s a blog?” First, let’s clarify what those people are saying. That person is telling you that you need to (1) promote yourself or your company on the web, (2) explain your offering to the general public and (3) continue to promote your successes on a regular basis. What it boils down to is that the phrase ‘You need a blog’ is a layman’s way of saying you need to do some Public Relations for yourself or your company online. So do you need a blog? Let’s delve into their background and development.

History of Blogs

The etymology of the word comes from the truncation of the expression “web log”, which was a phrase used to technically describe a chronological diary of events on a website. The emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s and early 2000s coincided with the advent of software that made it easier for non-technical people to start a website and update it on a regular basis with information about themselves, comment on the news and/or dish advice on a certain subject. For those of us who said that phrase many times throughout the day, it was easier to combine the two words and say “blog.”

Evolution of Blogs

As that software became more refined and bloggers garnered more attention, many companies began launching their own and unfortunately stuck with the trendy word ‘blog.’ Despite that, corporate blogs became a new way to carry out public relations because it allowed an organization to announce news, easily distribute press releases, and even interact with customers through comments. Not only was it a more efficient way to operate, but it also garnered more exposure (customer impressions) for the companies that participated and managed these sort-of open forums. Despite corporate efforts, these days blogs have become synonymous with individuals that rant, rave or wax philosophical about a specific topic like politics, food, or pop-culture.

Blogs vs News Today

You deserve better than a blog that people might associate with a zealot at home hammering away at a keyboard for attention. Let’s be professional and develop a tool you can use to promote and boast about your business online. We will call it “News” for goodness sake. Do note that a news page on your website takes diligent effort but there is a big payoff. As long as you update your news with relevant editorials about industry events or news of your company, you can attract and capture potential customers. The web page will work to help you stay relevant, even become aware of industry movements/changes, and eventually gain the respect and interest of consumers. If do it right, you can do your business a world of good with steady effort and a professional approach. We can help with that!


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