Client: Sagis Diagnostic Pathologists

Client: Sagis Diagnostic Pathologists

May 11, 2010 Clients 0

Dr. John Cangelosi and Dr. Keagan Lee initially contacted Sociactive for support in developing a name for the diagnostic pathology business. After we learned about the business concept and initial plan, we discussed how the business’ name needs to wrap into a larger concept or ‘brand identity.’ Ultimately the doctors retained our services for a brand development project, from the name and a logo to various collateral and a website.

As the doctors ramped up their operation, the brand development progressed over the course of a year. The goal with the name was to connote wisdom and aptitude while the logo needed to present progress and technological development. For the website, the nature of this specific medical service, dictated that the website be very simple in nature and present the same clarity and professionalism.

In the end, we are proud to have provided the the doctors with a smart, recognizable brand to present to a blooming industry. We continue to support the doctors with website hosting, website management, and IT development of internal resources.

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