Client: Phreedom Technologies

Client: Phreedom Technologies

April 16, 2014 Clients 0

Working with IT people can be tough. Working with smart technology minds is harder. Working with IT and technology professionals who are really smart and know it can be darn-near impossible! That comment is tongue-in-cheek because the owners of Phreedom Technologies and Sociactive have worked together in some fashion since 2001. Both are equally confident, strong-willed and strong-headed.

Marketing their IT support services has historically been a challenge for Phreedom Technologies. The nature of the IT expert relies almost exclusively on logic and reason. Although we all like to think that our behavior as consumers and citizens of this world is rational, the truth is that our buying behavior is not. Not to say that is bad. Much progress in this world is spurred on by ideas that seem to be irrational at the time or forward-thinking investments (i.e. purchases) that might not add up in the short-term. As a business, Phreedom liked to think that explaining the complexities of technology solutions they’ve developed would draw customers in droves. Unfortunately, non-IT business owners’ and managers’ eyes gloss over when we read or here about cloud services or B/DR (that’s backup / disaster recovery) services.

Eventually they realized they had a problem when a prospective customer informed their sales team that they weren’t comfortable moving forward with an agreement simply because of their website. It had literally taken years to lead the owners of Phreedom to Sales & Marketing enlightenment. After we engaged with Phreedom, Sociactive guided the owners through a structured process to define a marketing message and round out a marketing plan with action items. Though we often have to steer Phreedom back on-course with their marketing message, we still enjoy a consistent sales and marketing consultation with the company. Phreedom Technologies has received substantial leads start to come in through their website, which have resulted in new large international clients and significant recurring revenue.

Phreedom Technologies
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Phone: 602.336.3450