Client: Ula’s Mexican Restaurant

Client: Ula’s Mexican Restaurant

July 3, 2014 Clients 0

By working hand-in-hand with Wizard Energy Savings (Sociactive has a vested interest), we were encouraged to meet with the owners of Ula’s Mexican Restaurant in Southwest Houston. Thee entrepreneurs had been charging hard to open their Mexican Restaurant in Missouri City, TX, so they could realize their dream influencing modern day Tex Mex food with traditional recipes that use high-quality, fresh ingredients.

Though the owners understand that is takes the best ingredients to make the best Tex Mex & Mexican food possible, and that they had to follow the food up with incredible service, they needed guidance through the myriad of website options and communications strategies with social media. With 40+ years of experience in every aspect of full-service restaurants, they are a hard working and passionate crew. They needed a website that was inline with the brand-aesthetics of their logo, menu and collateral that had already been developed, as well as the experience at of the restaurant.

After selecting a search-friendly domain of, we built a responsive website for that domain and set all the other brand-name domains to redirect to this search-optimized domain and website. They can use the brand-domain for their print promotions and email addresses while the keyword domain does a little more work to attract more customers. And it’s important to note that the responsive website design is optimized for mobile and tablet devices. Now that mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches, companies like Google, Yahoo & Bing (MSN) now adjust search results based on whether or not a website is mobile-friendly. As Ulises Gonzalez, chef and owner, might say, “Muy importante!”

And we would follow up with, “Por supuesto!”

Joking aside, we filled out the content of the website, adhering to their brand standards, and did a lot of work to clean up and optimize the various business listings throughout the Internet that were initially populated by incorrect information siphoned from local and state permits/registrations. We then set up and optimize applicable social media outlets. Today, we continue to manage the website and social media for the restaurant.

Ula’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
9009 Sienna Christus Dr
Missouri City, TX 77459
Phone: 281.778.9345