Project: Integrity Network Solutions

Project: Integrity Network Solutions

January 15, 2015 Projects 0

Intelligent engineers and valuable services need a presentation that conveys those traits when a company’s or its associates’ backgrounds are investigated online. With resources in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, INS had gained a strong reputation for senior (high-level) networking and security expertise throughout the Southwest and have recently expanded to clients nationwide. Their experience and talented staff have earned the trust of telecommunications companies and several enterprise level clients, which now allows the company to acquire much of its business as a sub-contractor or through referrals. Though the company does not have a need for solicitation, Integrity Network Solutions wanted a look and presence on the Internet that is fitting for their expertise to show potential referrals and validate the company.

After discussions with INS, the goal was to refresh the website and keep it that way for the next few years at least. The redesigned website is more appealing and compliments the logo that was previously designed. The general look was to remain simple, professional, and clean while content would be structured and re-written with a sales and marketing focus to feel more personable or engaging, cross-sell services and encourage inquiries. The website was to be optimized for Internet searches, but that was not a focus for the investment – only a few basic listings were created on various portals/websites.

Working with the owner, Ed Ruskys, and a couple of his engineers was an absolute pleasure. They always made time to address our need to gain as much knowledge as possible about the telecom/carrier industry and their candid insight and thorough responses allowed us to write optimal content, as well as create a layout that can adjust for future changes with the company. Today, we continue to consult with INS as needed and engage with services when necessary.

Integrity Network Solutions
1121 W Warner Rd
Tempe, Arizona 85284
Phone: 480.481.6600