Quail Valley Proud

Quail Valley Proud

April 25, 2015 Projects 0

Founded in 1991, Quail Valley Proud is a non-profit neighborhood association staffed by resident volunteers who work to enhance their local area and host several community events throughout the year. With new and younger blood leading the organization (Jason Obi – President, Dan Porter – Legacy President), Sociactive was asked to bring the group up to speed with a new look and better presentation on the Internet.

Like all communities, the Quail Valley subdivision has ebbed and flowed with social dispositions as well as the economic swings of the country and region. Full of truly unique and fantastic custom homes, the neighborhood has began to flourish once again with 2nd and 3rd generations of families. It’s proximity to main thoroughfares, amenities (fitness & golf courses) and unrivaled settings have rejuvenated the whole area. The youthful new residents and its leaders wanted an aura that celebrates the unique community’s fabulous homes and the city’s awesome diversity.

The major goal for Quail Valley Proud was to integrate a social media-based platform to help revitalize the neighborhood’s image online to match its flourishing brand in the marketplace and how the influx of new and former residents perceive this gem of a community. The new website is a mobile responsive design that delivers a contemporary presentation with tools for members to integrate and link to social media, manage and promote events, accept payments for events, membership or donations, and allow the board to more efficiently manage membership with database tools.

After some years of “free” services and support (you get what you pay for), the project was in need of a complete overall starting with a professional-grade hosting environment that required an SSL certificate in order for the organization to accept payments/donations made on their website. Then Sociactive designed the website based on the original logo as well as the aesthetics of the community itself. Mountains of local and city information was gathered, cleaned up and then organized to be presented in an intuitive layout on the website’s menus. Once set, we set up the merchant account processing and integrated the eCommerce solution (WooCommerce) to get them on track again. We’re proud of QV Proud!

Quail Valley Proud Website

Quail Valley Proud
PO BOX 846
Missouri City, TX 77459


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