Environmental Coalition Pest Control

Environmental Coalition Pest Control

April 25, 2016 Clients Company News 0

We were contacted by Environmental Coalition Pest Control in Houston (Stafford, TX) to resolve issues they were having with malware on their website, as well as a subdomain associated with their URL. There were 9 instances (pages) that had malware, and the subdomain contained a duplicate of the website. Both of these issues are a big no-no with search providers (i.e. Google – The 2,000 lb. Gorilla). The subdomain caused the primary website to not be indexed by Google, and even if you searched specifically for the company’s name or URL, visitors would be warned to not enter because the website contained malware.

To address the malware issue, we contacted the hosting provider to resolve the issue. The subdomain issue was resolved by requesting the indexed subdomain be removed from Google’s results and future crawls (indexing). Lastly, in order to allow the cleaned-up website to be indexed by Google, the WordPress Content Management System had to be tweaked. The permalinks (webpage URLs) had to be cleared and reset to fix numerous 404 errors.

We’re optimistic about the prospect of working more with Dan Porter, Vice President of Marketing, of Environmental Coalition.


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