Ula’ Restaurant Marketing Handover

Ula’ Restaurant Marketing Handover

February 6, 2017 Company News 0

Ula’s has recently experienced changes in the two restaurants’ ownership and management. Along with the growth and evolution of the restaurant group comes changes in operations, as well as the expected handover in the day-to-day operation of promotional communications and marketing creatives.

Sociactive will continue to provide website management and basic reputation management for the original location, however the restaurant in Sienna will be guiding the development of their promotions. The Washington Avenue location has decided to distinguish itself from the original location and move in a different direction with respect to Internet marketing and customer communications.

The changes were expected, but Sociactive is disappointed that the restaurant group has decided to take a hands-off approach to Social Media and their online reputation. We wish them the best and continue to provide some basic marketing technology support. Nonetheless, we predict opportunities in the future to re-engage with the ownership group.


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