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What DeVido (DaVito) Does Here

Let’s cut to the chase… Boil it down for me… Gimme the skinny…

From consulting to coding, everything DeVido (not DaVito) does works to drive business. That starts by making you look good and sound great. Then it is about getting attention on your business through a comprehensive marketing mix to move potential customers towards your website or through your doors. It really is a progressive process…

↪ Get to know you and your business

↪ Make you look good and sound good

↪ Garner attention in the marketplace

↪ Get leads through your website or people in the door

↪ Help you convert leads and sell more with confidence

↪ Follow up to ensure satisfaction or seek their feedback


This concept is not complicated, but it must be thoughtful, strategic, organized, and systematic.

DeVido's (DaVito) Technical Skills

Why DeVido (DaVito)?

An extensive breadth of experience and a great perspective...

I have worked hard and managed my way through various challenges, but have also enjoyed some exceptional experiences in life.

Growing up, I cleaned bathrooms, kitchens, and bars in bowling allies, but I was fortunate to play classic video games and bowled as much as I wanted. Moving from bowling into golf, I sweated my butt off picking a driving range during Houston summers in order to hit a ton of range balls and play lots of golf.

With academic scholarships in-hand, I matriculated to Arizona State, the biggest bang for scholarship buck. There I earned a B.S. Marketing and a B.S. Management (Summa Cum Laude) during my formative years becoming an accomplished beer ponger.

Though the bureaucracy and office jockeying was nauseating, I learned a ton, had some exceptional experiences, and played spectacular golf courses I couldn’t afford otherwise. Eventually, I saved enough to explore the world with my beer-pong partner. We learned a balanced lifestyle through travel, humility, and patience.

Over the years, I’ve helped some 100 businesses fine-tune or launch their marketing. In doing so, I’ve expanded my knowledge base to manage and support all types of clients. Oh, and I’ve changed countless diapers… call me Mr. Mom!

In-House with DeVido (DaVito)

Having developed an array of technical skills on top of a foundation of traditional sales and marketing practices, I can deliver incredibly fast service that is quicker than an internal marketing department.

Faster. Cheaper. Better.

Amazing Value!

In-House Marketing

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Branding needs to be in-place before launch and updated regularly.

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