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The business is churning but you need time to focus on something else. Whether its a logo, creating an ad for print, or updating your website, I can turn things around super fast with these in-house services...


Let a marketing pro do the heavy lifting for your day-to-day activities. Plus a spark of ingenuity can open up new sales channels or uncover missed opportunities. The service levels...

This service level is $900/year and any service you need (graphics, website, PR, document design, etc.) is turned around ASAP and then billed at $150/hr with 30-day terms.

For $1000 – $2000 per month, your business’ public face on the Internet is managed and in-store collateral or promotions are designed to elevate your brand to drive incremental revenue.

When you’re ready to flourish, this level is typically $2000-$4000 per month to actively manage your business’ listings and customer interactions online along with regular execution of promotions and as needed meetings.

Depending on your needs and industry, $4000+ per month will provide you with a virtual marketing department that manages all of your marketing needs, promotions, and planning.

The Value

With 20+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing, I know how to help you focus on what matters and deliver guidance that is honest and forthright while having the capabilities to get it done myself and right away when you say, “Go!”

20+ Years

20+ Years of Experience in Sales & Marketing


Focus on What Matters to Move The Needle


Deliver Guidance That is Honest and Forthright


The Skills & Capabilities to Get It Done Right Away!

I keep a well-balanced lifestyle between family, work, and play (most of the time), so I keep a limited number of projects or clients going at one time in order to provide them with the attention they want and deserve. Incomparable value is delivered through dedicated service and incredible speed to get things done asap for my clients.

Marketing Fundamentals

Whether you need a marketing tool that drives quantifiable leads or a brand-image that helps you stand out from the crowd, I understand the need for both and how they need to work in concert to get results for your business. Effective sales and marketing for any company adheres to some basic principles that takes thoughtful planning and vigilant effort. It involves scientific analysis to understand the playing field and creativity to design a game plan. To accomplish that for my clients, I keep a limited number of contracts or projects at any time.

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