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DeVido Marketing Support

Need an extra hand with your Sales and Marketing?

Consulting & Support Driven By What You Need Or Want To Achieve

Big agencies tell you how great they are and many consultants like the sound of their own voice. DeVido Marketing focuses on listening. We’re here for you, and maybe you need additional marketing support, another perspective, or a creative spark. Let’s get you what you’re looking for:

…works hard to deliver value

C-Suite / Executive Experience & Consummate Technical Skills


Limited Number of Concurrent Clients or Projects


Return on Your Investment Delivered

We are incredibly attentive, and everything we do is in-house.

99% of the time this makes us even quicker than an internal sales and marketing department.

…gets asked about these service options most often

Ongoing Support

Marketing Support

Our slim and trim team can do the heavy lifting for your day-to-day activities with attentive support for your marketing assets, digital properties, brands, and reporting…

Retainer / Contract

Marketing Consulting Contracts & Retainers

Experienced marketing pros understand the importance of planning, as well as the need for immediate actions today to build your long-term growth that is sustainable…

Creative Work

Marketing Projects, Marketing Work, Marketing Creative Design

You need time to focus on another operational priority. Whether its creating a landing page, new logo, or an ad for print, we turn them around quick with in-house services…

Fixes & Help ASAP

Emergency Marketing Fixes and Marketing Help

In a bind with a website down or an associate out sick? You need help fast. A quick meeting or screen share, and we’ll get your marketing back on its feet ASAP….


Marketing Know-how

You understand what you need to do, but simply do not have the technical know-how to get it done today…

Short on Time

Marketing Time

You know how to market your business, but need to focus on another issue or aspect of your operation…


Effective Marketing

Marketing is a simple concept, but effective execution often involves complex tasks and detailed coordination…


Sometimes business owners or managers are simply unaware of opportunities or oppositions in the marketplace…

…knows that time is money

Let’s get what you are looking for quickly! Ask about specific services, skills set, experiences with clients, or fees and rates.

…is diligent to stay ahead of the curve

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