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DeVido Marketing Background

Where we’re coming from

We Believe in Progress and Helping Small- to Mid-size Businesses Grow

Take advantage of decades in many industries and know-how. We focus on what matters to you and deliver guidance that is honest and forthright while having the capabilities to get it done in-house.

We keep a limited number of projects or clients going at one time in order to provide customers with the attention they want and deserve. Everyone here is proud of the value we deliver through dedicated service and incredible speed to get things done as soon as possible.


marketing support

Decades of Collective Experience in all Sales & Marketing Disciplines


Marketing Growth

We Focus on What Matters to Move The Needle for Your Business


Deliver Guidance That is Honest and Forthright for Your Best Interest


The Skills & Capabilities to Get Action Items Done Right Away

We have an extensive breadth of experience and a great perspective because we have put in years of hard work chasing and servicing our own clients. Doing so has helped us appreciate even more the need for our clients to take advantage of our services to employ a steady/consistent marketing approach with a mindset that is open to changes in the marketplace.


Most everyone has toiled in service industries or has done manual labor at some point in their life. We’ve cleaned bathrooms, worked in kitchens and bars, hustled in restaurants, sweated buckets picking golf balls on a driving range, and wrangled golf carts. It helps to appreciate the value of wisdom, know-how, skill, and intelligence to manage resources, do things efficiently, and optimize productively.


For those that have cut their teeth in a corporate environment, the bureaucracy and office jockeying can be unfavorable. Even so, there are opportunities to learn a ton on the potential of collective focus and effort. The experiences can be exceptional for understanding how goal-driven plans and performance review can do wonders for helping a small- to medium-sized organization succeed when it is done right.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Our Experience, Speed, and Reliability

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