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DeVido Marketing Support 2022

Marketing projects

Support for Marketing Projects Like Ad Design or Landing Pages

A deadline is approaching but you need to focus on something else. If you are overwhelmed with a growing work load or looking for an evaluated level of expertise, we can jump right in.

Whether the project is part of your day-to-day operation or new direction you are exploring, we are glad to provide quotes to help you manage your budget and reduce your risk. We deliver high-quality and timely marketing project support:

  • Launch a micro-site
  • Company-wide brand update
  • Build new website or redesign of current site
  • Graphic for an online ad on a partner’s website
  • Management or oversight of internal marketing staff

Individual marketing projects are a great way for clients to experience our service levels and realize the value in the attention we give them and the speed in which we address needs and then complete development. Our goal is to wow you with project work to establish a long-term relationship that optimizes your resources and supports your specific goals.

Knock down your stress levels and save resources, time, and money.

  • Avoid the loss of time and money trying to piecemeal multiple skills, experience, disciplines, and disconnected freelancers
  • We protect your project from the whims of an unfamiliar freelancer
marketing creative work


We’re always glad to provide quotes. Typically, payment for half of proposed project hours and/or fees is due at the beginning to initiate work. The second half is due at time of completion with 30-day terms.

For projects with an open-ended timeline, hours are billed every 30 days with 30-day terms.

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Experienced marketing pros understand the importance of planning, as well as the need for immediate actions today to build your long-term sustainable growth…

Ongoing Support

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Our slim and trim team can do the heavy lifting for your day-to-day with attentive support for your marketing assets, digital properties, brands, and reporting…

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In a bind with a website down or an associate out sick? You need help fast. A quick meeting or screen share, and we’ll get you on your feet ASAP….